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20 Age Female

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Twenty Age Teeth are the third largest molars at the end of both sides of the jaws. Normally there are 4, but there is a possibility that some relatively lucky ones will never form. Since they are the last teeth to come out in the mouth and usually appear between the ages of 16 and 20, these are also called wisdom teeth.

However, it can also be 70 years old.

Since wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to appear, there may not be enough space in your mouth for them. This can cause wisdom teeth to be buried under gum tissue or bone or next to another tooth.

Partially dislocated or crooked wisdom teeth may cause pain, crowding, facial swelling, decrease in mouth opening, neck swelling (painful small swelling due to atake of lymph nodes). These teeth, which are very difficult to clean because they are at the very back, can decay quickly.

Since the roots of wisdom teeth extracted before the age of twenty will be less developed and tooth extraction at this age will cause less complications, it is recommended to be examined between the ages of 16 and 19 for wisdom teeth.

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