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Implant Treatment

After the dental implants are combined with the small titanium screw that is completely compatible with the human body and the abutment on it, a crown is made (porcelain or zirconium) and the treatment is completed. The implant (screw) is an artificial tooth root that is highly compatible with the jawbone, developed to perform the function of the natural tooth root. Implant treatment can be easily applied in the loss of one or more teeth. The patient who has had implant treatment can return to his normal life on the same day.

In the clinical environment for implant treatment, only local anesthesia is applied to the relevant area, the gum is opened and the implant is placed. After the implant screw is placed, a protective cover is placed on the implant to allow osseointegration in the area (ossification of the implant) and to wait for the implant area to heal. The opened gum is stitched and closed and a waiting period of a few months is started.

After waiting for 2 months in at least 4 lower jaws in the upper jaw, the protective screw is removed and healing caps are attached to the dental implant. The healing caps serve as a template around which the gum can naturally shape itself and grow around. After the gingiva is shaped, the healing caps are replaced with a permanent crown (porcelain or zirconium tooth) and the treatment is completed.

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