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What is a filler?

Filling is a method that gives a damaged tooth or teeth to their old function and appearance due to caries. Your dentist first removes decayed tooth tissue while filling you. It cleans the area affected by decay and tries to prevent bacteria from entering the cavities again by filling that cavity with filling material.

Which filling is preferred in which regions?

If the decayed teeth of the patient to be filled are located in the front, composite fillings are more preferred, but amalgam filling is more preferred for the teeth in the back.

Your dentist will decide on the filling. When you go to the dentist for examination, he or she can determine whether your decay needs to be filled. A small mirror is used during the dental examination. Everything observed as abnormal is controlled with the help of a special device. Your dentist may want to take an x-ray of your mouth if needed. With the treatment chosen by the dentist, it varies according to the extent of the damage caused by the caries.

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