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All On Four

What is the All On Four implant technique?

The All On Four implant technique is a procedure that allows the dental prosthesis to be fixed on the same day on four dental implants placed at certain angles in completely edentulous patients.

Who can apply the All On Four implant technique?

All On Four treatment can be applied to all completely edentulous (no teeth) patients who do not have any systemic disease that may interfere with dental implant surgery and have sufficient bone volume.

What are the advantages of the All On Four implant technique?

We can list the advantages of All On Four treatment as follows:

  • It offers complete edentulous patients the opportunity to make a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure on the same day.

  • The operation is easier since no further surgical procedures such as sinus lift surgery or bone addition are performed.

  • Dental implant surgery time is shorter.

  • Since the number of dental implants used is reduced and it does not require additional surgical procedures, its cost is lower than conventional dental implant treatment.

  • It provides an aesthetic look and a laughing line, a smile aesthetics that can be planned individually.

  • Cleaning and maintenance is easier than conventional dental implant fixed dental prostheses.

  • It is suitable for patients who cannot use removable dental prosthesis and have nausea reflex.

  • Its design is different compared to complete dental prostheses (palate). Since it does not cover the palate of the patient, it is easier to get used to and use.

  • Since the number of treatment sessions required is low, it is suitable for patients residing outside the city.

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