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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

It is a treatment performed when the pulp (core) of the tooth becomes irreversibly inflamed. We can consider this treatment as an advanced version of the filling. The difference is that the tooth pulp is affected because the caries is very deep and the bacteria have caused the infection. Abscess foci have started to form. In the meantime, if the illah only affects the pulp in the canal, the tooth may be alive. However, if there is an inflammatory event affecting the root tip (apex) of the tooth, the tooth probably lost its vitality.


Is it just caries or root canal treatment?
No, root canal treatment can be performed for tooth trauma, fracture or prosthetic purposes.

Will I feel pain during root canal treatment?

In an acute situation, root canal treatment can be painful. Apart from that, it is usually painless.

Pulp is removed with tools called files. Then, the canal or canals containing the pulp are expanded with files until they reach a sufficient width. Meanwhile, the channels are washed with sodium hypochlorite, saline, EDTA and chlorhexidine. It is then filled with gutta-percha, silver cones, or a similar tissue-friendly material.

How long does root canal treatment take?

The treatment may take one session or several sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. The tooth that had root canal treatment lost its vitality. For this reason, it has been claimed that it is more vulnerable to external factors than a living tooth and may be a focal infection focus. However, studies have revealed that there is no such effect in a healthy person.

Canal treatment is the last intervention to save a tooth. Depending on the condition of the tooth and the patient and the nature of the treatment, a canal-treated tooth can remain in the mouth for years in a healthy way.

Does a tooth with root canal treatment hurt?

If the root canal treatment is not done to the normal teeth, decays and then abscesses may occur in the areas other than the filling. As a result, yes, it may be painful.

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